House Valentina

ArchitectureTiago Santos
LocationFeteira, Alcobaça
ClientDaan e Marina

Opinião do Cliente

“ We are very satisfied with the work of Rui Luis, Rita Luis, Carmina, Humberto and all their employees.
– It was a pleasure working with them. A team of local workers, who give the best of themselves and for whom we have a lot of respect.
– The construction went according to plan, within the specified period. Everyone worked in partnership as a team to meet our wishes. We particularly appreciated how each person assisted to help us create the house we wanted; each with their own area of expertise, working hand-in-hand with us – as the client – to guide us and see the project through. They made us fully feel part of the entire process and welcomed our contribution and ideas.
– Expert craftsmanship with an eye for detail and aesthetics.
– Even after the project was complete, the team was still there, still on hand to help. Seeing to the finer details – large or small – was met with equal enthusiasm and a willingness to help and solve any problems.
– We are proud of our house and feel welcome and part of daily life in Portugal.”
– D & M Speelman Belgium