About Us

We want to “build your dreams”

Construções Rui Luís, Lda. based in the county of Alcobaça, is a family-run business whose story coincides with that of many people, from its founder to its employees and collaborators.

Having started as a bricklayer in his teens, the founding partner of the company soon began working for himself. Due to the constant expansion of the business, in 1999, he founded the company Construções Rui Luís, Lda. Nowadays, in addition to employees with over 30 years of experience, the company has at its disposal technicians with a superior degree in civil engineering and architecture, thus ensuring the appropriate support to your project.

The company is mainly dedicated to the construction of single family houses, having built examples in the West Coast region, Lisbon and Tagus Valley and in the Alentejo Coast. In addition to housing, there are also examples of work done in the commercial, agricultural and civic areas.

No matter what kind of work the client wants to do, we know that a building is an investment in the future, for many it is an investment of a lifetime, so we care about delivering a personal service. We want to understand your ideas and your project, so we can offer you the best solutions.

We understand that while architects and engineers have the ability to draw the client’s dream and put it on paper, we also have the ability to shape it, making a difference in how the work is done. We pay attention to the quality with which all work and every detail is done. And just as we do and want the best for ourselves, we want to do the best for you. We want to “build your dreams”.


We believe that the space we live in influences us, therefore what drives us is to build those spaces to the best possible quality, contributing to the happiness of the customer.


We want to continue to combine our experience gained through practice over the years, with the theoretical knowledge and new techniques and emerging products.


Commitment, Attention to detail, Efficiency, Rigour, Availability, Humility, Responsibility, Quality,


  • Budgets
  • Consulting
  • Construction
  • Rehabilitation and Extension

We believe that each project is unique and that depending on its design, the plot location and the desired finishes, the cost can vary greatly. Therefore, we consult all the subcontractors that will be involved in the works and provide detailed budget proposals.

You know you want to do some construction work, but you don’t know where to start? We can advise you and discuss some ideas. We have technicians at your disposal who can help you throughout the process.

We build your project from scratch, using quality materials and workmanship. We offer you a “turnkey” option so you don’t have to manage the different workers on site.

Our experience of more than 30 years has allowed us not only to learn about the various traditional construction methods, but also the most current ones, making us a very reliable team to rehabilitate and/or expand your property.


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    Address: Rua de Pedralhos nº20, 2460-311 Bárrio – Alcobaça
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